Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SF 1, CHC 0: Poseyed

So, Carlos Zambrano showed why the Cubs overreacted by sending him to the bullpen earlier in the year and why it was silly to think that the Cubs would ever trade him for Aaron Rowand. Remember that rumor? Zambrano struck out 8 batters tonight and held the Giants to 0 runs, but he also walked 5 guys and threw 116 pitches in 6 innings. It was up to the Chicago bullpen to give up some runs to the Giants.

The bullpen also pitched pretty well for the Cubs, but they still got poseyed. Buster will do that to you. In the 8th inning, Posey hit a solo shot to center field that barely cleared the fence and finally put the Giants on the board. That was all they'd get and all they'd need. Ramon Ramirez, Sergio Romo, and Brian Wilson combined for 3 innings of perfect relief to close out the game.

Matt Cain was fantastic. What else is new? Cain struck out just 2 Cubs, but he only allowed 4 baserunners (2 H, 1 BB, 1 HBP) and 0 runs in 6 innings. He was pulled early after just 82 pitches because Bochy needed some offense yet again. I'm not sure that makes much sense because if the starters can't score what's a bench guy gonna do? Might as well keep your great starting pitcher in the game. Oh well, it didn't matter. Like I said, the bullpen was very good. Did you know that the Giants' pitching staff has allowed 3 runs or fewer in their last 15 games and it's just the 3rd time a team has done that in the live ball era? I'll end the recap with that really cool stat.


  1. That was a fantastic Jack from Posey,he seems to have the ability to rise up when we need him most. The great ones find a way to produce when they are desperately needed.

  2. So if the Giants make the playoffs and the Braves don't, does Posey win the award because he "got his team to the playoffs"? I know the idea that doing that is required for winning hardware is stupid but a good amount of BBWAA think that way.

  3. I'm not sure, I mean I don't think that way because it's a regular season award.

    Right now, I think Posey and Heyward are pretty even. A week ago I would've said Heyward, but Posey is making it close. His OPS is .891 which his higher than Heyward's, he plays a tougher position and he is carrying a team, hitting cleanup.

    On the flipside, Heyward's OBP over .400 is ridiculous for a rookie, he's had much more at-bats than Posey, and his WAR is almost 2 points higher.

    So, it's a really tough call. I see people saying it's ridiculous that Heyward would even be considered for the award, and that's a pretty ridiculous statement to me. Right now it's extremely close and I can't really decide who should win it.

  4. Sorry, I'm wrong about the WAR thing. Sometimes I mistakenly use BR's WAR, when you should always use Fangraphs.

    Heyward's is 4.6, Posey's is 3.9.

  5. Posey is the best. With that beast of an arm and then his awesome hitting, he is amazing!