Sunday, June 27, 2010

Game Recap: BOS 5, SF 1

Well that was not good. Lots of O-fers for the Giants offense today. Pretty much everyone but Edgar Renteria is slumping. But that was to be expected. I'm used to that.

What I don't want to get used to are these legitimately bad outings by Tim Lincecum. I said during the stretch where he was walking 5 a game that people were overreacting, that he would be fine, and all great pitchers have to be allowed a period of struggle. It looked like Lincecum was starting to come out of it, even though he still hasn't had a really dominant start since going 8 1/3 against Philadelphia two months ago. His recent starts have been better, going longer in the game and allowing fewer runs, but giving up an uncharacteristically high number of hits. Then today he looked as bad as he's ever been this season. This is starting to bother me.

But hey, Dan Runzler looked really good, striking out 5 out of 6 batters. And the pitching staff combined for 3 strikeouts of the bearded creep. And now, for three days, we can forget how the Giants have played so far, or how the season may go after, or what the hell the rest of the league is doing, because the Dodgers are coming to town, and nothing else matters.

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  1. It's too bad that this game was so bad that the most positive thing to talk about was a reliever striking out a lot of guys.