Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Game Recap: LA 4, SF 2

That was the worst game I have ever been to. I mean, I've probably been to worse games, but no game has taken more out of me than that one. And it was all because of Sandoval's baserunning error. It was the epitome of suck. No play in recent memory has made me angrier because it was his second dumb baserunning error in 2 games and all of my pent up frustrations towards him just exploded. All season long, I've believed that Pablo would get out of his funk. He showed last year that he was too good a hitter to just regress so much in one year. But this isn't a temporary slump. Sandoval is broken and he needs to be fixed. Whether that means giving him the Matt Kemp treatment and sitting him for a few games to figure out what's wrong or whatever else, the Giants need to figure out how to get him going offensively because they need him if they are going to be successful.

It's obvious that other changes need to be made. Sandoval getting it together is the first thing. Buster Posey wasn't in the lineup for the second game in a row which is just mind-boggling to me. Bengie Molina does not deserve to be in a major league lineup. It is up to Bruce Bochy to have enough balls to take him out because it's best for the team. I don't care how well he works with the pitchers. His handling of the pitching staff does not negate his shortcomings at the plate. Obviously, another big hitter needs to be acquired, and not another Freddy Sanchez or Ryan Garko. It needs to be a BIG hitter. Anything and everything needs to be explored because this team is just not good right now.

The Giants are now 4th in the West, 1-4 on this homestand and 3-8 in their last 11 games. Everyone is slumping with the exception of Pat Burrell and the pitching staff isn't as dominant as it was early in the year. After this series they go on an 11-game roadtrip without an off-day until the All-Star break. Things aren't looking up anytime soon so forgive me if I'm not too optimistic.

You know what's disgusting? Matt Cain is 6-7. He wasn't good tonight, but there is no way he deserves that.

The only thing good about this game was that Pat Burrell's 9th inning attempt to bring me out of my game long depression got me a free burrito from Chipotle. Gotta love them stadium promotions.

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