Saturday, June 19, 2010

Game Recap: TOR 3, SF 0


I think I just watched the same game all over again. A Giants starting pitcher is pitching a beautiful game. The Giants offense doesn't give the pitcher enough run support. In a tie game, an 8th inning homer gives Toronto the lead and eventually the win. There's not much else to say about this game.

Cain has been the best pitcher in the National League over the last month and today was no different. His fastball was explosive, and while he didn't have many strikeouts, almost every batter was grounding out weakly or hitting shallow pop-ups. That is until the 8th inning, when again, one mistake cost the Giants the game. In a 0-0 tie with two outs, a high fastball came back right over the plate, and Aaron Hill crushed it. I have to admit, the Toronto offense scared me a bit coming into this series. Their lineup is full of low average, powerful hitters, and their power is certainly what has doomed us in these two games.

The real concern is obviously the offense. Both games this weekend have resulted in pitchers getting losses when they deserved wins. Whether it's because of being on the road, or the fact that right now our 7-8-9 hitters are a black hole in the lineup, the offense is in a mini-slump. Bad, impatient at-bats from a lot of players. If it is an issue of being on the road, that's a real problem. If the Giants are going to be a true contender they need to win on the road. And while the offense is MUCH improved from last year, I think it's fair to wonder if this offense can be consistent enough to win games. Maybe these two games have just been an anomaly and we can just blame the struggles on Canada.

Sanchez on the hill tomorrow against Shaun Marcum, who has been very good for the Jays. I would like it very much if we were not swept.


  1. this is a really good analysis! can i be a contributor? i know i'm not a giants fan, but i'm a baseball fan, and i enjoy talking about it, and i can be objective.

  2. Well, contributors are only people who are actually going to do posts about the Giants. Niki is an exception because she is doing pretty much all of the HTML editing and not posting anything. But you can comment if you want, but only IF it is relevant and serious.