Monday, June 28, 2010

Game Recap: LA 4, SF 2

In less than 2 full seasons, Casey Blake has become one of the most hateable players on the team down south, and tonight added to his resume. Not much to say about this game, we all pretty much knew it was over when the aforementioned Blake turned around a fastball, a home run whose pain can only be compared to the kind of leg amputations that must have taken place on Civil War battlefields.

What's with Sandoval? Seriously, what is with him?

Barry Zito was okay, too many pitches though.

I really thought Gerald Demp was going to do something magical in the 9th.

Burrell keeps hitting, huh?

Did you know Matt Kemp is having a pretty disappointing year? Yep.

That's it. That's all.


  1. A perfect picture to show how douchy this douche is.

  2. Rentaria needs to go. And Molina. I don't care how good of games he calls. They haven't been very good lately.