Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Try Calling Brian Sabean Because He Won't Call You Back

Yeah, that's right, according to Buster Olney of ESPN (Insider), who did a survey of MLB GMs, Brian Sabean is the most difficult GM to deal with simply because he doesn't answer the phone. Sabean says it is absolutely untrue and that not enough GMs were polled, but still, at least several GMs have claimed that Sabean doesn't return their calls. When you think about it, it kind of makes you laugh. I can imagine Sabean hearing the phone ring and seeing that it's a rival GM and thinking, "You know, if I don't answer the phone...maybe they'll think I'm playing hard to get so they'll want to talk to me even more and I still won't answer the phone and then to get me to answer the phone they offer me a player who hits over .300! Genius! No wonder I'm the longest tenured GM in the game..." And when I think about it some more, it makes me angry because it is absolutely ridiculous. If this is true, Brian Sabean is essentially not doing his job. His job is too converse back and forth with general managers in order to find the best ways to improve the Giants. But he just refuses to answer the phone? Why? Is he busy meeting with Bochy to discuss their plan to ruin the Giants before they are both eventually fired? That must be it. By not listening to other teams he's just limiting his options. It just makes no sense, and the notion that a Major League Baseball GM wouldn't answer phone calls from other teams is just...unbelievable.

Here are a few other notes from the last couple of days:

A little while ago in this post, Reza outlined the Giants' possible interest in David DeJesus. Here, Dave Cameron of Fangraphs explains why he's the perfect fit for the Giants.

Apparently, Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy believe some of their struggles can be attributed to the team being too right-handed. The article says they'll begin using more platoons against right-handed pitchers to get more lefties in the lineup. I'm not so sure Travis Ishikawa and Nate Schierholtz will make much of a difference.

It was assumed that with Molina gone, Posey would become the everyday catcher. Not so fast. The Giants want to ease him into being the everyday guy, so at least for now, Whiteside will get a lot of starts at catcher. I guess it makes some sense, but it's still a little disappointing.

Brandon Belt has been promoted to Double-A Richmond. Belt was absolutely dominating in San Jose with a line of .380/.488/.624 with a 1.112 OPS. Time to see how he does in the much tougher Eastern League.


  1. If they're too righty heavy, why is Aaron Rowand leading off? He has a .283 OBP, and they are guaranteeing that he gets the most plate appearances of anyone in the lineup. And I don't care that he drove in two runs tonight.

  2. They say it's only because Torres has been slumping and they want to give him some extended rest. It better be just temporary.