Saturday, July 31, 2010

Game Recap: SF 6, LA 5

Sorry for the late game recap guys, the internet was down. Anyway, I'm starting to think our bullpen needs fixing.

Seriously, this was a game where pretty much everything about the Giants looked good until the 9th inning. First Sergio Romo tried to close out the game. But he allowed a run scoring triple to Scott Podsednik, so he was replaced by Denny Bautista. Don't ask me why, I would've rather kept Romo in. Bautista did his usual act, getting ahead in the count, but ultimately walking the batter, so he was out. Now, at this point it was a save situation and Brian Wilson wasn't even warming up. We found out after the game that he had back spasms, so he couldn't be used, and as a result the Giants brought in Jonathan Sanchez to face two Dodger lefties in a row. He struck out Ethier but then hit James Loney. Now Sanchez was out of the game and it was Chris Ray's turn. Ray allowed a single up the middle to Matt Kemp, scoring Rafael Furcal and cutting the Giants lead down to 6-5. Luckily, Ray got Casey Douchebag Blake to groundout, ending the madness.

There was something else pretty interesting about this game. I think I may have been the only one that noticed it, because I'm generally a pretty observant person, but Tim Lincecum had a new delivery. He brought his hands over his head, which he's never done before. You're welcome for the heads up. I'm not really sure how the new delivery is going to affect him. In the first three innings he was wild, but he settled down and ended up going 7 innings with 9 K's, 2 BB's and 7 hits. Not a bad outing at all.

Aubrey Huff is good. That is all.

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