Monday, July 12, 2010

How The NL All Star Roster Should Look

1B - J. Votto, A. Pujols, A. Gonzalez

2B - M. Prado, K. Johnson

SS - H. Ramirez, R. Furcal

3B - S. Rolen, D. Wright

OF - A. Ethier, J. Willingham, C. Hart
C. Rasmus, A. McCutchen, J. Werth

C - M. Olivo, B. McCann

SP - J. Johnson, U. Jimenez, A. Wainwright, M. Cain, R. Halladay, R. Oswalt, M. Latos, T. Hudson, Y. Gallardo, C. Silva

RP - J. Broxton, B. Wagner, H. Bell, B. Wilson

DH - A. Dunn, A. Huff, P. Fielder

Please remember that these selections were made almost a week ago, when the true rosters were announced. I felt that some of the biggest snubs in the National League were starting pitchers. Mat Latos is arguably having the best season of anyone. Roy Oswalt's record is terrible, and his ERA isn't terrific, but his other stats prove he is back to his ace status. While Miguel Olivo is a disgusting purple dinosaur, he is also the best catcher in the league this year, and arguably in the majors. The outfield selections could have gone in many ways. Andrew McCutchen may surprise some people. He has recently gone very cold, but at the time he had very good numbers, which don't even take into account his speed.

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