Monday, July 12, 2010

How The AL All Star Roster Should Look

1B - J. Morneau, M. Cabrera, K. Youkilis

2B - R. Cano, T. Wigginton

SS - A. Gonzalez, D. Jeter

3B - A. Beltre, E. Longoria

OF - J. Hamilton, J. Bautista, B. Boesch,
JD Drew, C. Crawford, T. Hunter

C - M. Napoli, J. Buck

SP - J. Weaver, D. Price, J. Lester, C. Lee, T. Cahill, F. Hernandez, C. Pavano, J. Niemann, A. Pettite, C. Buccholz

RP - N. Perez, J. Papelbon, M. Rivera, J. Valverde

DH - V. Guerrero, P. Konerko, V. Wells

It's so disappointing that Brennan Boesch was overlooked for a perrenial guy like Ichiro. But that's the fans for you. Jered Weaver was selected as an injury replacement, but he should have been the first pitcher on the roster. Yes, Joe Mauer is missing from this roster. While he is one of the top 5 players I would select to start a franchise with, he had 3 HR's at the time voting ended. Mike Napoli was more deserving. By the way, do we need any more proof how much more valuable Buster Posey is to the Giants at catcher than 1st base? Look at the players at 1st base; it is THE premier hitting position. Great hitting 1st baseman are dime a dozen. Even the Giants have one.

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