Monday, July 5, 2010

Game Recap: SF 6, MIL 1

Well, Jonathan Sanchez just pitched 6 innings, giving up only 1 run, and won the game, and yet with this start he's probably assured that the Giants will not be able to get Prince Fielder, the one and only player they should have, the savior that will not arrive.

Sanchez's start today is one of those examples of how deceptive the ERA stat can be. He had arguably one of his worst starts of the year, walking 6 Brewers. Early in the game, I wondered if there was a magnet on the inside part of the plate causing the ball to continually drift in on right handed hitters. Somehow, he was able to escape many times, and even get the win when in the 7th inning the Giants got help from Alcides Escobar. Freddy Sanchez, the guy who hits singles and outs, grounded into a should have been inning ending double play, and Escobar booted the ball. They ended up scoring 4 runs in that inning.

Aubrey Huff is beautiful. It's really a shame that he isn't an All Star. He's the Sandoval of this year, completely carrying the team offensively. Where would we be without him?

You know what else is beautiful? Opposite field power. Buster Posey hit his third HR of the year, and like the one in Colorado, he graced the right field bleacher fans with the gift of a baseball. Still, his most aesthetically pleasing opposite field hit this year is that triple he hit in SF.

Brian Sabean is in Milwaukee. Is he there to work his magic in the art of conversation and persuasion (face to face of course)? Or is he just there to visit the Tadeusz Koscuiszko monument in Lincoln Village?

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