Sunday, July 4, 2010

Game Recap: COL 4, SF 3

Did the Giants really have to lose a 15-inning game the day before they have to play a day game in a different city? I fear the worst, I fear another 7-game losing streak after this loss. Or maybe, if I look at it optimistically, they will feel good about themselves for battling for 15 innings. But it's not healthy to be optimistic about the Giants, because they will always disappoint you.

Here's all you need to know about this game. Better pitching, especially the bullpen. Cain was pretty good, but not dominant. Not very good offense. There's no one to really blame for the loss. Even Guillermo Mota, who gave up a leadoff triple in the 15th, and eventually the sacrifice fly that won the game, can't be blamed. In the 14th, Mota got out of a bases loaded, no out situation that really wasn't his fault. With the runner at first and attempting to steal, Whiteside made a horrible throw to 2nd base that went into the outfield and allowed the runner to advance to 3rd. After that, the Giants were forced to walk the bases loaded, and Mota miraculously got out of it. I can only imagine if we could've won if Posey, and not Whiteside, was in the game.

Wilson also got out of a bases loaded, 1 out situation in the 13th. That was pretty awesome. Congratulations to him and Timmy for making the All-Star team. We'll probably have a post on that in the coming days.

Again, there was no one to really blame the loss on, so I'm not too angry. The only thing I worry about is the team being too tired to win when they have 7 more games in a row on the road. If this game ruined your day, try to get past it. Have a Happy 4th of July!

By the way, Dexter Fowler is now officially on the 8th Inning Weirdness Hate List.

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