Monday, August 23, 2010

Barry Zito and the Unicorn Club

I'm sure all of you have heard about Barry Zito's trip to the Unicorn Club, but if you haven't, listen to it here. You can read a transcript of the story right here.

We've decided to put Barry Zito's rendezvous with Powder the Unicorn into comic form for the second installment of the 8thInningWeirdness Comic Strip Series! You can see the first comic on Bengie Molina and Blackmail here. The writing is done by me and Reza and the illustrations are created by the great artist/HTMLer and loyal Giants fan, Niki(Follow her on Twitter @Zaphaire. Follow us too while you're at it). We realize that the Unicorn Club story was told a long time ago by now, but in our opinion it never gets old. Please understand that this is not an original 8thInningWeirdness story, but just an interpretation of the original. Enjoy!

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