Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SF 5, COL 2: Weirdness of the 8th Inning Variety

I am responsible for this win. This is your proof.

Yes, things were looking all too similar to last night until Andres Torres saved the day. I'll start from the beginning of the story. The Giants immediately showed how powerful their offense is by scoring early on a balk from Esmil Rogers in the 1st inning. Unfortunately, the Rockies came back to score on a sac fly in the 2nd inning, making the score 1-1. The score stayed like that for a while, as the former Cy Young winner, Rogers, was dominating the Giants lineup. Rogers never won the Cy Young because he's not very good but at least me imagining him as a former Cy Young winner makes our effort against him today feel less pathetic. Anyway....in the 5th inning, the Giants were able to score again on Madison Bumgarner's double and Bruce Bochy pondered permanently moving him to 3rd in the order. Now the score was 2-1, Giants. Here comes the "here we go again" part. In the 8th inning, with a 1 run lead, Melvin "I'm Not Good But I Hit Cleanup" Mora hit a homer off of Jeremy Affeldt. Tie. Game. Once again it seemed like the offense's inability to score was going to cost us. But wait, there is more weirdness.

The first batter in the bottom of the inning, Andres "I Carry A Big Stick If You Know What I Mean" Torres, glorious man that he is, belted a home run to right field giving the Giants a 3-2 lead. If that wasn't enough, Buster Posey followed it up by hitting a 2-run double with the bases loaded. There was a collective sigh of relief among the fanbase. Nice of you to finally join us, offense. Brian Wilson closed out the 9th with an 8-pitch save and everyone lived happily ever after.

Madison Bumgarner pitched the 3rd consecutive quality start from a Giants starting pitcher tonight. It wasn't always pretty, as he walked 3 batters and struck out just 2 while going 6 IP, but hey, it was a nice bounce back after his disaster start last week, and he only allowed 1 run. Like you can read about in this post, this pitching staff may be coming back to dominance, which is the best news a Giants fan could hear. Let's see if Lincecum joins the party tomorrow night. I'm sure there's no one happier than him that tomorrow is the first day of September.

The Padres lost tonight, so the Giants are 4 games back in the NL West. Maybe they're finally slowing down, as they've lost 6 games in a row. It's about time! I'm completely tired of them. It doesn't add up. They should not be the best team in the National League. No.

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  1. Ha! I know exactly what you mean when you refer to "former Cy Young winner Esmil Rogers". The 2010 Giants are constantly dominated by no-name pitchers, and manage to run into every hitter who just happens to be on a career hot streak (e.g., Dexter Fowler, Starlin Castro, etc.) TORTURE!

  2. Fortunately it's happened less this year as our offense has improved, but we have always made bad pitchers look great when they face us.