Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SF 16, CIN 5: The Bats Will Not Sleep!

Tonight, the Giants won 16-5. Yes, 16-5. There is a whole lot of parade raining I could do right here. I could talk about how the obscenely hot weather has had at least SOME effect on flyballs at AT&T in these past 2 games. I could mention that Jonathan Sanchez was not pretty today at all. Most of all, I could mention that just because a hitter has two straight 4 hit games does not mean he has earned the right to hit 2nd again. But all of that later. Especially the Freddy Sanchez situation. We will go DEEP into that on Friday. Logic will prevail, I promise. But for now, let's just enjoy this amazing offensive outpouring from a below average offensive team.

Freddy Sanchez has had quite a series. He has 8 hits so far, including a very impressive HR tonight. Good to see. Like I said, the conversation surrounding him is complicated and full of illogical thought patterns, so for now, congratulations, Freddy. I DO hope you stay hot for a long stretch of the season.

More power from Pablo Sandoval. This is a good thing. Slugging percentage is up to .416. We've already asserted that he's back. Is he REALLY back? Maybe...

Cody Ross was the one who started it all off for the Giants with a 2 out base hit in the 1st inning. He's got a kind of Ryan Braun swagger in the batter's box. I'd hate him if he wasn't a Giant. But he is, so I love him.

Left handed hitters should be ashamed for complaining about AT&T Park after what Buster Posey has been doing. He's hitting HRs to right center in places Adam LaRoche can only dream of. Juan Uribe and Andres Torres also had multi-hit games, and the Giants as a team had 18. I'm expecting 21 runs tomorrow.

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