Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Game Recap: SF 10,000,000 COL 0

When we look back at the amazing, unlikely, and heroic career of Brett Favre, we are reminded that even the most improbable of dreams can come true. In light of the reports today of Brett's surprising and somewhat premature retirement today from the National Football League, we at 8thInningWeirdness thought it was finally time to show you the side of Brett that so few know. What is that side, you ask? It's not Brett the quintessential quarterback, but Brett the son, brother, and father. So now, the story of how a scrawny kid from Kiln, Mississippi made it all the way to the Super Bowl and beyond, but never forgot where he came from.

When Irvin and Bonita Favre learned that they would be having a 2nd child...

I'm sure by now everyone is screaming "We get the joke, Reza, get on with it!" Okay, here's the recap.

The Giants could still really benefit from acquiring another bat via the waiver wire, but today was a great day for everyone in the lineup not named Edgar. I wonder when Renteria will don the costume of Tom O'Bedlam (King Lear, anybody? Anybody?) The Giants did their best Freddy Sanchez impersonation in the 1st inning, scoring 4 runs with singles and walks. Freddy Sanchez himself hit a flyball to left, which turned into his 12th extra base hit of the season when God helped it get over the wall. Pat Burrell and Andres Torres also homered. All starters other than Renteria and pitcher Jonathan Sanchez had 2 or more hits, with the Giants totaling 19 hits and 10 runs. It was a good day.

Jonathan Sanchez tied a franchise record by striking out 7 Rockies hitters in a row. The other Giant to do it? Juan Marichal of course. And while Sanchez was very good tonight, he only went 6 innings, so let's stop it with all the "would have been a mistake to trade him" nonsense. If the right offer had been out there (not Jose Bautista), it would have been perfectly justifiable to trade Jonathan Sanchez. The Giants will probably not add a bat to this offense, and we'll see how it goes. Just don't let one night in Denver make you think we're all set for October.


  1. According to Andrew Baggerly from the San Jose Mercury News in his blog Sanchez had a fever Monday and didn't even wake up until 2PM on Tuesday. So this explains why Bochy pulled him when he did and makes what he did all the more impressive. Besides, I still haven't heard anyone come up with who would replace him in the rotation after a trade.

    But it was a great win!

  2. The point is, Sanchez was great tonight, but in the big picture he's not an ELITE pitcher. Lots of people absolutely refused to trade him and he should not be untouchable. Still, he's very good for a 4th starter, he's young and has good stuff, which is why it probably would've been bad to trade him for someone like Bautista. But in the right deal, I would move him.

    There are a couple of ways he could be replaced in the rotation. I know everyone hates Wellemeyer, but even with him in the rotation at the beginning of the season, we were a top 3 staff in the NL. I think we'd be okay. Also, if Sanchez were traded before the deadline, maybe a corresponding trade could've been made to get a starting pitcher for cheap.

  3. I hate watching him pitch. Oh, and I'm still on the FSanchez bandwagon. I love him at second base. I feel safe.