Friday, August 20, 2010

Game Recap: SF 6, STL 3

Madison Bumgarner pitched a great game, even though he ended up allowing 9 hits in 7 innings. Only one of them, Albert Pujols' solo HR, did any real damage. We haven't seen the Cardinals in a while, and my 1st impression after this game: "wow is their lineup is weak". As long as Tony LaRussa refuses to play Colby Rasmus, there are only 2 batters to worry about: Pujols and Holliday. John Jay is on fire, but he's barely been up, so he doesn't really count, and he'll definitely cool down. The only other player in the lineup tonight with a slugging percentage over .350 was Felipe Lopez at .358. Allen Craig, with a .473 OPS, was hitting 2nd tonight in front of Pujols. And you thought Bruce Bochy had trouble with batting orders. I think Tony LaRussa is overrated.

Time to welcome Aubrey Huff back to the land of the living. Not only did he hit an impressive HR today, but he also got another hit and walked twice. Buster Posey doubled twice. No biggie. He does that every night. And Pablo Sandoval hits a HR every night now. It really does feel like he has turned a corner, because he is hitting the ball with force and authority. Very encouraging.

While the Cardinals lineup might be surprisingly inadequate, their starting pitching is not. It might be the best overall rotation behind Philly in the NL, with the 2 aces in Carpenter and Wainwright and a great rookie named Jamie Garcia. The Giants will have to face Carpenter and his cleat-marked back tomorrow. Apparently Tim Lincecum noticed something wrong with his delivery and fixed it this week. I hope so.

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  1. (Scored the game on paper)

    I really think Sandoval's shaking it off now. F9 in 8 pitches, but he was really fighting off the stuff that got him out, that home run in 7 with a pitch that reminded me of his 2009 stint, not much to say about his 4-6 FC and F9, and a double in 3 pitches.

    That or jake Westbrook is just an innings eater and nothing more.

    And obligatory LOLaRussa (to add to your list)
    - Pinch hitting Randy Winn over Colby Rasmus. WHY DO YOU HATE GOOD PLAYERS, OLD MAN.
    - Feliz at the #5 hitter.
    - Still having pitcher hit 8th