Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giants Awarded With Ross After Waiver Block

Uh, Jose, we're gonna need to go ahead and move you
into an exclusively pinch hitting role
. We have some new
people coming in, and we need all the space we can get
, mmmkay?

Cody Ross has made Jose Guillen redundant. The Giants most likely didn't intend to get Ross, only to block him from the division leading Padres, but if they did intend to get him all along, it makes you wonder why they also got Jose Guillen a few weeks back. Now that Ross is on the team, logic states that he should be getting outfield playing time. What does this mean for Guillen and his spirited attitude? Hopefully nothing. He better get used to being a right handed pinch hitter.

Cody Ross is
Guillen, plus actual value. Offensively, they are nearly identical. Medium power (17-25 HRs) and they both don't get on base nearly enough. But we'll take what we can get. Unlike Jose Guillen, Cody Ross actually has platoon value. He rakes lefties, slugging just below .600, with a .945 OPS. He has hit 43 career HRs against lefties, 40 against righties, despite having only about 30% of his at bats against lefthanders. Unlike Jose Guillen, you can be confident with Cody Ross in the outfield. His defense isn't great, but it's good enough, and he can play anywhere. Jose Guillen, on the other hand, is a DH guarding Triples Alley. A quick look at their WAR numbers (fangraphs.com) since Ross' first full season tells it all:

2008 Guillen: -0.1 Ross: 3.7
2009 Guillen: -1.9 Ross: 1.9
2010 Guillen: 0.9 Ross: 1.9

Seems pretty clear to me which guy should be getting the majority of at bats between these two. The whole point of getting Jose Guillen was his "power potential". Any power potential Guillen has, Ross has also. I understand that Guillen is hitting well for the Giants right now, but he's only got 30 at bats (also only 30 plate appearances, hasn't taken a walk yet). I don't think we are going to see another Pat Burrell situation. Why? Because he's never been as good a hitter as Burrell anytime in his career. He'll be a pretty good option as a pinch hitter late in games. Certainly better than Schierholtz or Rowand. Meanwhile, Cody Ross needs to start against lefties, pronto. We just happen to be facing a lefthander tonight. And avid 8thInningWeirdness reader Bruce Bochy has Ross starting in right!


  1. Great piece Reza,hopefully Guillen doesn't flip out and cause drama.

  2. I have this gut feeling that Guillen will see more playing time.