Saturday, August 14, 2010

Game Recap: SF 3, SD 2

Last night was a rough one for Pablo Sandoval, but today his big HR in the 7th inning was what allowed the Giants to get back into the game mentally. Up until that point it was ugly. The Padres had runner all over the bases, and even though only 2 of them had scored, it looked like that would be enough with the way that creep was pitching. Then Latos threw a pitch way up in the zone, and Pablo turned it around, crushing it onto the arcade. The next inning, Aubrey Huff almost did the same thing against Luke Gregerson with Mike Fontenot on base, but once again the park held kept the ball in, though this time for a double. That set up the RBI groundout by Pat Burrell to tie the game. Burrell, the hottest current Giant, went 0-5 today, but that at bat was productive and well played.

Buster Posey in the 11th inning looked like Josh Hamilton from last night. He hustled to turn a ground ball up the middle into a double, forcing the Padres to walk Sandoval and pitch to Juan Uribe. Thankfully, Bruce Bochy must have read my recap from yesterday and realized how bad an idea bunting is. So instead of asking Uribe to lay one down, he let him hit, and Uribe blooped a single into right field on the 1st pitch. Buster Posey read the ball beautifully, and the play at the plate wouldn't have been close even if the throw had been on line.

Good game from Mike Fontenot. 2 hits, plus some nice plays at 2nd base. Still shouldn't be hitting 2nd. I'LL NEVER STOP SAYING IT! Jose Guillen also got his 1st at bat as a Giant, grounding out as a pinch hitter in the 9th inning.

I keep thinking to myself: This Padres lineup has to be one of the worst first place offenses ever. So why do they keep hitting the Giants? This better stop tomorrow with Lincecum going. I think he'll have a good game. He has to. He's too good.

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  1. Ah you caught me, yup. Yeah Timmy's gotta have a good game today or I'm gonna get all the pitchers together and yell at them again. It worked well last time, right?

    We're gonna experiment with Sanchez batting 8th again, maybe for one game before I bring him up to 2nd. Hey can I change their batting position during the game? I'd like to end the experiment by the 4th inning.