Monday, August 9, 2010

Roster Notes

It might be a somewhat quiet week on 8thInningWeirdness, as my partner Mack is vacationing in Thailand with his wife Mildred and their new-born daughter Theodore. So since there was no post today, here are just a few roster notes:

Todd Wellemeyer has been designated for assignment. His return was short-lived to say the least. He failed to even get a single out.

In his place, young middle infielder Emmanuel Burriss will be called up from Fresno. This means the Giants will go back to a 12 man pitching staff and have Burriss available off the bench, although he's not exactly the guy you want pinch hitting. Burriss was called up in 2008 from low A-ball, a strange move. He didn't really do anything, and you wonder if the Giants rushed him. He was a 1st round pick in 2006, but he has done very little hitting in his minor league career. You don't expect any power from him, but his OBP is also somewhat disappointing. Then again, it's good for Bochy to just have another position player to work with.

Mark DeRosa was supposed to be done for the year after his wrist surgery, but apparently there's a long shot chance that he could came back towards the end of the year. In the Chronicle today, DeRosa was quoted saying "I hope to work toward getting a bat in my hands and helping us down the stretch. I'd like to give myself a goal to work with while being realistic about it." This is very unlikely, but it's nice to hear DeRosa wanting to help the team. He's been forgotten this season, but he'll probably have significant playing time next year.

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