Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Game Recap: CHI 8, SF 6

Tim Lincecum was terrible tonight. He was very hittable from the start. He gave up a HR to Kosuke Fukudome. Nobody does that. (Yeah, I know he has 10 HR's this year, but still, he sucks!) The Giants kept chipping away at the Cubs lead, only for the Cubs to get right back to their 4 run advantage. A lot of the big hits by Chicago that hurt the Giants came with 2 outs, and were either bloops or bleeders up the middle. I'm still trying to figure out how they scored in the 8th against Mota. Santiago Casilla had a good 3 innings of long relief, giving up only 1 hit and 0 walks. The Giants had a great chance in the 9th against Carlos Marmol, but Juan Uribe and Travis Ishikawa had pretty ugly at bats for the final 2 outs.

Buster Posey had a good night, going 3-5 with 2 doubles. He really should be hitting 2nd, not 4th. Why Bruce Bochy insists on guaranteeing more at bats for sub-par hitters (F. Sanchez, Renteria) is beyond me, but then again most of baseball hasn't realized how to configure a batting order yet. We've only been playing for 150 years or so.

I truly DESPISE Ryan Dempster's glove flip that he does when he winds up. It's oh so flamboyant.

Pablo Sandoval is not back.


  1. Pablo can hit at home, at least

  2. Seems like every time Sandoval manages to go 1-4, Kruk&Kuip say "starting to find that groove"....and it never amounts to anything.