Sunday, August 22, 2010

Game Recap: STL 8, SF 0

Do I have to write a recap about this game?

But I will, kind of. The Giants had 3 hits, 2 of them coming from Pat Burrell, and the Cardinals had 15. At some point Barry Zito kind of imploded and had his shortest outing of the year. Jaime Garcia faced just one more than the minimum number of hitters over 9 innings and threw 89 pitches. That's it.

I do have one big complaint. You play to win on the road. I understand that Aubrey Huff needs rest and Andres Torres might have some kind of injury, but why rest your guys in the rubber match of a series on the road against a serious Wild Card contender? Why not rest Huff a day later at home? Bruce Bochy gave the series to the Cardinals by running out that terrible lineup today.

We also learned during the game that the Giants were awarded the claim on Cody Ross. All of a sudden the outfield is extremely crowded. To make room for Ross the Giants will probably have to get rid of Nate Schierholtz. I'm not sure if he's used up all of his minor league options (maybe someone can let me know?) or if we'll have to DFA him. At first glance, I didn't really care for the move. Ross has a .316 OBP and it'd be a shame to have to DFA Schierholtz to make room for him. But, it seems like Ross is finally going to be the right-handed hitter off the bench who's great against lefties. First we thought it was Pat Burrell, then Jose Guillen, and now it seems like it's going to be Ross (Although if Bruce Bochy had his way he'd probably have a Burrell-Ross-Guillen outfield). Ross does have a .846 OPS against lefties, so he should be valuable as a pinch-hitter with power.

Be sure to check out the blog tomorrow, as we have a very special post coming. Stay tuned.

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