Friday, August 6, 2010

Game Recap: SF 3, ATL 2

Sorry to all the enthusiastic Giants fans out there, but I just can't really get excited about this game. I'll try to start with the positive, which all took place on the mound tonight. Barry Zito had a great start, striking out 10 and walking 2 in 7 innings. His only runs were 2 solo HR's. The bullpen pitched 4 innings of 2-hit ball, and new Giants Javier Lopez ended up getting the win. Romo pitched well, as did Ray, as did Wilson of course. All good news.

But it's games like this that make you realize this team still can have a lot of trouble scoring runs. The Giants only managed 4 hits tonight; 2 by Torres, and 2 by Pat "why am I hitting 7th" Burrell, who also walked twice. Everyone else did almost nothing. August has come, and it appears more and more likely that both Pablo Sandoval and Freddy Sanchez are going to be cold the entire year. Travis Ishikawa was hot for awhile, and earned himself more playing time, but he has gone cold of late, and it was to be expected. Juan Uribe is Juan Uribe. His power is valuable. But you can't expect him to act like a true 5 hitter, cause he isn't.

The Giants' offense tonight was very bad. Yet with help from the Braves, they were able to tie the game in the 9th inning. Huff was hit by Billy Wagner on the 1st pitch. Posey hit a groundball that turned into an error. Juan Uribe, hit a flyball that advanced Huff to 3rd base. Then Pablo Sandoval hit one of the ugliest, wimpiest groundballs ever, so ugly that Chipper Jones was unable to look at the ball, and let it get by him, allowing the Giants to tie the game. The Giants were helped again in the 11th inning, when the Braves inexplicably walked Pablo Sandoval to load the bases with 1 out so they could pitch to Pat Burrell. And Burrell drove the run in with a sacrifice fly. He better play tomorrow, and he better not hit 7th.

We'd really benefit from another hitter. But not Jose Guillen. Please no.

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